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Fives Steel Spain awarded carbon footprint calculation seal

Fives Steel Spain has earned this accreditation by calculating its carbon footprint in collaboration with the consultancy firm Factor Ideas for Change

Fives Steel Spain, with steel association SIDEREX, obtained the “I calculate” seal from the Spanish Office of Climate Change for 2018 and 2019. This green project began in 2018 with Fives Steel Spain’s acceptance of an invitation from SIDEREX to participate with other companies such as ArcelorMittal Sestao, Sidenor Aceros Especiales, Tata Steel Spain and Factor Ideas for Change Bilbao.

“Participating in this initiative has allowed Fives Steel Spain to become more aware of our individual impact on the environment,” said Oiane Gerrikagoitia, Calculation and R&D Manager at Fives Steel Spain. “As we continue to calculate our emissions, we strive to decrease our environmental impact by reducing energy usage and utilizing energy-saving technologies.”

SIDEREX and Factor CO2, a subsidiary of Factor Ideas for Change, developed the tool that is used to calculate CO2 emissions. This tool is used by participating companies to gather, calculate and report on emissions data to achieve these eco-friendly certifications and seals.

Moving forward, Fives Steel Spain now has the opportunity for follow-up audits to obtain the “I reduce” seal, which verifies an effective reduction in emissions, and the “I compensate” seal, which certifies that the company is working to offset the CO2 generated.