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Fives' smart line for smart steel

Fives was a participant, presenter and sponsor of Future Steel Forum 2018 held on June 6-7 in Warsaw, Poland.

Steelmakers are constantly looking to improve the efficiency of their production processes and are relying upon increasingly sophisticated digital technologies to streamline their operations. The forum, organized by the Steel Times International magazine, hosted more than 170 leading steel makers, research & academic organizations and technology providers, all coming together to discuss one of the hottest topics of the moment: smart manufacturing. According to the experts, rolling and coating processes are expected to see the biggest changes following the industry 4.0 transformation. 

Kristiaan Van Teutem, Vice President, Fives’ Steel business line, and Alessandro Ferraiuolo, R&D Manager, Marcegaglia Carbon Steel made a joint presentation on a smart line concept “Latest digital systems for process control, traceability and quality enhancement in steelmaking”.

A smart line concept, involving mathematical models for mechanical and thermal parts, enables optimized production costs, enhanced quality traceability and increased production yield, especially for automotive steels. For a continuous galvanizing line (CGL), a master model with help of in-house software EyeronTM, a process quality watchdog, moderates dialogue between mathematical models of the furnace, zinc bath, wiping system and skin-pass mill. It arbitrates between each process for best overall results and gives feedback instructions to each process area. Uniform tensile strength and metallurgical properties are at stake.

Fives also promoted OTOMES, a highly flexible and modular manufacturing execution system, as well as 
OTO software tools for production control and management. 

At the official networking dinner, sponsored by Fives, the group shared its achievements over the last four industrial revolutions.