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Fives selected by Sococim Industries (Vicat group) to implement a new 6500 tpd complete clinker production line at Rufisque, Senegal

On December 16, 2021, Fives FCB and Sococim Industries (a subsidiary of the French cement group Vicat) signed a contract for the supply of the new Rufisque Plant 6500 tpd clinker production line, Senegal. The Chairman of Sococim Industries, M. Youga Sow, selected Fives’ engineering and equipment for this new installation.


Highest flexibility and optimized energy efficiency

For this new line project, Sococim Industries wanted to implement the best technologies and international standards to ensure the highest flexibility of the workshops and to maximize the performance of the new installation, particularly in terms of use of alternative fuels and energy efficiency.

High-performance Fives’ technologies that perfectly match operational requirements

The new line will feature Fives’ latest technologies in pyroprocess and gas treatment such as: FCB Preheater, FCB In-Line Preca™, FCB Kiln, Fives TGT® Filter, Pillard Novaflam®, to achieve Sococim Industries' operational requirements:

  • Best finished product quality
  • Low calorific consumption
  • Flexibility and efficiency of pyroprocess technologies allowing to substitute up to 70% of the total fuel with alternative fuels, while maintaining the stability of the operations
  • Fully automated pyroprocess control, including start-up and stoppage sequences
  • Low dust and NOx emissions.

Efficient project management and comprehensive customer services

To better support Sococim Industries in the execution of this project with respect to quality, deadlines and performances, Fives will provide its experience and know-how as a supplier of high-performance process equipment. Fives will also apply the high-level standards developed in terms of project management.

After commissioning, Fives will provide Sococim Industries with long-term support, including dedicated skills and resources: theoretical and practical mechanical and process training, monitoring, remote or on-site technical assistance, etc.

“Vicat Group renews its partnership with Fives Group through this major project of building a new line with a strong local dimension, employing local workers and contractors. This plant will eventually eliminate the use of fossil fuels, reduce our energy consumption and support Senegal local development making a high-quality product while doubling our production capacity.”

Guy SIDOS, Chairman and CEO of Vicat Group