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Fives selected by Fournier for supplying a second sorter

Fournier, a 1st rank furniture manufacturer well known under its own brands : Perene, Mobalpa and SoCoo'c, renews its confidence in Fives Cinetic for the supply of a second wood panel sorter.

In 2013 Fournier ordered a first sorter for its historic production site in Thônes (Haute Savoie). This robotized installation sorts out wood panels for kitchen cabinet at a high speed rate. The challenge for this first project focused on three essential points:

  • Space Optimization 
  • High production rate (around 2.5s per piece)
  • Maximum flexibility enabling the treatment of an almost infinite diversity of parts type

This first sorter consisted mainly:

  • Input and output conveying system including 55 conveyors 
  • 3 FG180 Fives gantries 
  • 1 Stock of panels with a capacity of 1800 pieces of all sizes and all colors
  • 1 shuttle system
  • 7 ABB robots installed on two travel tracks 
  • Complete Control and supervision of the installation

Fournier naturally turned again towards Fives when faced with an increased volume of its production, leading to buy a complete new kitchen cabinet production line. . The second sorter is integrated into the heart of this new line.

The key sets for the second sorter will be:

  • Input and output conveying system including 60 conveyors
  • 2 FG180 Fives gantries
  • 1 stock of panels
  • 8 ABB robots among which 7 are installed on two travel tracks
  • A Complete Control and supervision of the installation

This Fives unique and patented design solution allows high sorting speed of parts with unrivaled performance on the market.