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Fives secures a contract from SCAPNOR to mechanize a fresh product order-picking platform

SCAPNOR, one of the E. Leclerc’s sixteen purchasing and supply centers for the Paris/ Île de France region, has awarded Fives Syleps with a contract for mechanizing an order-picking platform for fresh food, which was signed on October 13 in the presence of General Director of Fives Syleps, Yemna AKBACHE, President of SCAPNOR, Pascal BEAUDOIN, and two members, Samuel GOUY and Hubert DELAHAYE.

The turnkey project concerns the mechanization of the platform based in Bruyères sur Oise (France), and includes process design, supply of WCS SU (Warehouse Control System) software, parcel/pallet handling systems, ergonomic de-palletizing stations, and a GENI-Belt cross-belt sorter.

The installation will be able to handle almost 120,000 parcels/day to supply 27 E.LECLERC stores, 26 Drives and 4 Express deliveries in the Paris/ Northern Île de France region exclusively.

Installation will start in 2024 and commissioning is scheduled in the first quarter of 2025.

Although this is the first contract with SCAPNOR, Fives Syleps has several references in this field, with ten preparation platforms for fresh food already installed or currently being installed  at Carrefour, and U stores.


Founded in 1969, SCAPNOR, Société coopérative d'approvisionnement Paris/Nord, is a regional purchasing and supply center for E. LECLERC stores with two main missions:

  • Purchasing: Sourcing goods to supply its stores.
  • Warehousing: Receiving, storing, preparing, routing, and dispatching goods to supply its stores.

It aims at delivering goods on time, adapting daily and weekly to the ordered volumes, and completing everyday orders placed in the morning.

Based in Bruyères-sur-Oise, SCAPNOR has approximately 350 employees in four logistics warehouses.