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Fives provided DHL Express Italy with a new parcel handling and sorting solution

Press Release – Lonate Pozzolo, 8 March 2021


Despite the Covid-19 emergency, Fives provided DHL Express Italy with a new parcel handling and sorting solution in accordance with the deadlines


An integrated smart automation solution to automate DHL’s air gateway hub at Milan Malpensa airport

On March 5, 2021 DHL Express Italy has inaugurated the new Hub, Gateway & Service Center at the Milan Malpensa Airport in northern Italy.

As a partner of DHL Express Italy, Fives designed the ultimate solution based on proprietary technologies of next generation to meet customer’s requirements.

DHL Express Italy selected Fives’ cross belt technology that stand out for its high speed and extraordinary accuracy. The solution integrates the following innovative systems:

  • 4 GENI-BeltTM cross belt sorters with a development of more than one and a half kilometers
  • 30 GENI-FeedTM high capacity induction lines
  • 11 X-ray machines
  •  313 destinations
  • Over 2,250 meters conveyor belts and rollers

The hub receives DHL express shipments from both air traffic and road traffic to process and reload on board DHL vehicles and airplanes for the transport to their final destination in a very short time.

Fives’ cross belt sorters receive parcels and envelopes from the high capacity introduction lines and with extreme accuracy and speed transport each item to the assigned destination, where it is gently discharged into the outlet without tilting or rolling.

The conveyor systems connect the sorting equipment with all other handling and processing points inside the hub.

Fives, more than 60 years of ultimate technologies to serve the intralogistics market

Fives Intralogistics SPA was established in 1957 in Lonate Pozzolo, Italy. The company is part of the Smart Automation Solutions division of Fives Group and is leader in designing high performance technologies and in developing automated solutions for the material handling in a wide variety of applications

Thanks to the know-how and expertise acquired in over 60 years of activity in the intralogistics sector, Fives intralogistics teams are able to provide each customer with the best turnkey solution to increase their business, increasing productivity and the efficiency of operations, while reducing the costs, always with an eye to sustainability and ergonomics for operators.

Fives’ smart automated solutions are flexible, scalable and future-proof, they can be easily adapted to unpredictable and sudden changes of the market and enable the customer to change processing inside the distribution center with no difficulty according to the growth of volumes.

The company offers a complete range of advanced technologies and systems; in the early 1980s invented the cross belt technology that is still today the state of the art in the high-speed and high capacity sortation equipment and enables to handle the widest variety of materials.

Thanks to its modern and modular design and the many improvements that have been implemented over the years, our GENI-BeltTM cross belt is recognized globally as the cutting-edge technology that offers the best performance and best adapts to countless configurations.

Fives is partner of the major players in the intralogistics sector and the GENI-BeltTM sorter is the backbone of thousands of distribution and shipment centers all over the world.

About Smart Automation Solutions

With 1,600 employees in Europe, Asia and North America, Fives' Smart Automation Solutions Division provides best-in-class automation solutions with a broad portfolio of proprietary technologies and software for the retail and mass distribution, mail, post and courier, e-commerce and general industry markets.

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