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Fives optimises the use of hydrogen as fuel for its client

The Fives combustion teams in Marseille have been awarded a new purchase order for the valorisation of waste hydrogen for a petrochemical company based in the south of France. This project will allow this industrialist to use the excess hydrogen generated by its activity as a fuel and to significantly reduce its carbon footprint.

The petrochemical company operates a vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) production plant at its site in the south of France. This chemical compound is mainly used to produce polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is used in a wide range of equipment such as pipelines.

Plant operation, in addition to VCM, generates hydrogen as a byproduct. Since hydrogen is an energy source which does not emit CO2 when burnt, the client wishes to use this surplus hydrogen as a fuel in its combustion equipment: a thermal oxidiser. This oxidiser processes the exhaust gas collected from several installations at site

This modification allows not only a reduction of natural gas consumption at the plant, but also a reduction in both the atmospheric emissions of excess hydrogen and the carbon dioxide emissions from the thermal oxidiser.

To achieve its decarbonisation goals, this petrochemical company chose Pillard burner technology, which has many references in both hydrogen and mixed hydrogen/natural gas combustion, which has given satisfaction to several players on the market.

This project includes for Fives:

  • Design and installation of a new dual-fuel 22.5 MW Pillard GRFLAM™ burner (hydrogen/natural gas) . It will be installed as a replacement for the existing burner at the thermal oxidizer at ground level.
  • The installation of a hydrogen (H2) valve train
  • The installation of a natural gas valve train

In addition to this, and in order to try to reduce shutdown as much as possible, Fives has undertaken to carry outall the work within a short period of 4 days.