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Fives Nordon: 120 years of innovation and excellence in the service of industry

Fives Nordon is one of the French leaders in the field of highly technical industrial piping and boiler making, especially serving the nuclear industry.

120 years of rich history of progress, industrial challenges, high technicality, innovation, passion, and excellence. 

Fives Nordon designs, manufactures, installs, and maintains equipment and piping networks for its clients in demanding fields (nuclear, oil&gas, defense, hydrogen, ...). From engineering to on-site assembly, Fives Nordon constantly adapts to the needs of its clients by offering global and tailor-made solutions.

Over a Century of Innovation

More than a century marked by innovation The story of Fives Nordon begins on February 1, 1904, when Gustave Nordon created NORDON Frères, a boiler making company in Nancy, France. Thanks to the inventive spirit of Gustave Nordon, who filed 23 patents between 1917 and 1940, including the famous “NORDON Sleeve”, NORDON Frères is quickly recognized for the quality and technicality of its work in piping and boiler making.

Over the decades, the company has fully participated in the second industrial revolution, the 30-year post-war boom, and has become one of the main players in the construction of thermal and nuclear power plants. In 2000, NORDON and Cie became a 100% subsidiary of the FIVES LILLE group and took the name NORDON INDUSTRIES. Fives Nordon then refocused on piping activities by cultivating its specific skills.

Leading the Energy Sector

Leader in the energy sector from the 2000s, Fives Nordon experienced strong growth thanks to energy needs and the restart of nuclear construction and thermal power plants. It participates in the construction of the 1st new generation nuclear power plant, known as “EPR” and is entrusted with the manufacture and assembly of the most important piping lines at the heart of the reactor. 

In 2007, reaffirming its belonging to the Fives-Lille group, now Fives, Nordon Industries adopted a new visual identity and became Fives Nordon. In 2021, the company took over the assets of the company ACPP(link in French), which became Fives Nordon ACPP, a specialist in the realization of high-tech projects for nuclear and defense. 

Today, Fives Nordon positions itself among the leading French pipers of reference on projects of industrial piping and boiler making with high added value.

The 'New Nordon' in support of energy sector transformation

In the upcoming years, Fives Nordon plans to invest €40 million in several phases to meet new challenges, such as assisting customers with the maintenance of French nuclear power plants and preparing for the EPR2 program. The first phase, which costs €15 million, has already started with the transformation of the historic site of Nancy and its production tool. This includes the acquisition of a new induction bending machine and the construction of a new piping workshop. This is the meaning of the strategic company project 'New Nordon': preparing for the transformation of production tools to be ready for change.