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Fives Machining continues the installation of the High-Speed Machining cell at Nexter

In August, Fives Machining teams completed, in their Capdenac workshop, the assembly and commissioning of an additionnal Forest-Liné V-Star machine which completes the Nexter's 3-unit cell. This step also included the configuration of the shuttle extension.

As soon as the customer confirmed his acceptance, the machine was disassembled and shipped to Nexter's plant in Roanne (France). The reassembly by Fives technicians is now in progress. The Forest-Liné V-Star machines are intented to trim and drill the thick aluminium plates required to manufacture the sides of the armoured vehicles in the SCORPION program (GRIFFON, JAGUAR, SERVAL). With the three machines in operation, the cell will enable to produce the parts for 450 vehicles per year to meet the army's need to renew its vehicles and machines.

In August 2021, during the inauguration of this new FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) equipped with the first two Forest-Liné V-Star machines, Sylvain Rousseau, Nexter's Director of Operations, underlined the unprecedented capacities achieved on the industrial and technological levels thanks to the know-how provided by Fives Machining.

This achievement is part of the NextFab modernization project at Nexter's Roanne plant, which aims to triple the annual vehicle production capacity by 2025.