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Fives launches its new GENI-belt™ cross-belt sorter

Fives’ GENI-belt™, the new cross-belt sorter to automate material handling and sorting in postal terminals, courier hubs and distribution centers will be unveiled at POST-Expo this year.

A key element in the warehouse, the cross-belt is considered as the benchmark for many sorting applications.

To expand the cross-belt’s scope of applications, and meet the increasing needs for operational flexibility in processing several product lines such as parcels, small packets, documents and flats, using the same equipment, Fives developed the GENI-belt™ which offers many key advantages:

  • increased accuracy, ultimate performances and reliability, 
  • gentle handling of the items, 
  • extended range of sortable items, 
  • adjustable cell speed/acceleration, 
  • flexible control of loading/unloading trajectories 
  • reduced maintenance 

When it comes to technological innovation, environmental performance is Fives' number one priority. Over the years, Fives has designed some of the most innovative equipment, contributing to a more profitable and cleaner industrial world. 

From an environmental standpoint also, Fives’ GENI-belt™ is ultimate – the power consumption can be reduced through the monitoring of the sorter speed, the innovative design of the wheels reduces vibrations and noise, and the materials used to manufacture the product are 92% recyclable.

Fives’ teams will continue research and develop ultimate machines and solutions to help the intralogistics operators be ready to face the challenges of the future.

With a strong legacy based on more than 60 years of expertise developing pioneering solutions in close partnership with customers, Fives is recognized as the leading provider of intralogistics solutions and services. Thanks to continuous research, the capacity to listen and understand markets trends, evolutions and customer’s needs and with more than 2,000 installations worldwide, Fives has successfully launched pioneering technologies which are today standard of the market.

Trust Fives for ultimate flexibility, performances and energy efficiency.

If you want to know more about the GENI-belt™
Meet us at POST-Expo in hall 4, stand 1030