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Fives Giustina has enthusiastically celebrated its 100th anniversary in Turin

On July 6, Fives Giustina enthusiastically celebrated its 100th anniversary at its premises in Turin, Italy. Let’s have a look back on an event full of emotion, highlighting human adventure, history and innovation.


To celebrate its centenary, Fives Giustina opened the doors of its workshop to customers, suppliers, partners and professional organizations, in the presence of current and retired employees, representatives of its sister companies in the Grinding | Ultra Precision Business Line, and other Italian Fives companies, as well as Frédéric Renaud, Director of Fives Italy and Frédéric Sanchez, Chairman & CEO of Fives Group. Another prestigious guest was Manuela Giustina, granddaughter of the company's founder, who was very proud to see her family's name perpetuated through the decades.
The program for this convivial event included:

  • a presentation of Fives Giustina through photos, video and documents tracing the company's history since its creation in 1923; 
  • a guided tour of the company's 6,000 sqm workshop to showcase the teams' extended know-how: metrology and quality control, spindle assembly, latest innovations at the technical center, manufacture of horizontal and vertical machines for grinding a wide variety of components (bearings, conrods, brake disks, etc.); 
  • the presentation of the latest technologies that combine environmental performance with operational excellence: Giustina XL-VSD machines to grind large and extra-large bearings for the wind power market, and Giustina VDD to produce new low-particle-emission coated brake disks
  • demos of Fives CortX digital applications.

The event ended with a lunch buffet and speeches by Matt Shockey, President of the Grinding | Ultra Precision Business Line, Frédéric Sanchez and Erwan Zanitti, CEO of Fives Giustina.  The latter emphasized the partnerships with suppliers, the loyalty of customers, and the strong commitment of the fifty employees. These are all proofs of the trust that contributes to the company's success.