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Fives DMS puts down new roots in old home

At the end of October, Fives DMS relocated its offices to get closer to Lille, where the Fives Group has a lot of history.


Even the name “Fives” comes from the industrial district of the same name in Lille, where the “Ateliers de Construction Mécanique de Fives” opened their doors in 1861. It was also close to Lille that, in 1867, Dujardin, initially a company specializing in the construction of steam engines, was founded. After becoming DMS in 1972, following the merger of Dujardin, Montbard and Somenor, and then Fives DMS in 2007, the company now specializes in designing and supplying strip processing lines and associated mechanical equipment, as well as cold rolling mills for stainless and silicon steels.

“We can now easily be reached by metro from the center of Lille, at our new base in the Synergie Park, which we moved into a few weeks ago. This will help raise our visibility and attract younger generations to the engineering sector. We currently have access to a high level of expertise, with employees who have been working in the company for many years, but they will be retiring over the coming years. We must therefore manage human capital by developing our staff and bringing in fresh resources to ensure our current and future projects remain sustainable,” explains Gabriel Poullet, Managing Director of Fives DMS.

“We have witnessed active support and engagement of all our employees during this move, and even after... Everybody has gone the extra mile to make this new environment a pleasant and welcoming workspace. This move will help us change our working patterns, by modernizing our way of working and communicating,” says Gwendoline Niro, Head of Human Resources for the company.

The move to return to its origins marks the culmination of a spectacular commercial turnaround over the last two years, in both the strip processing lines and cold rolling mills:

With over a hundred strip processing lines and cold rolling mills installed over the past 50 years, Fives DMS has emerged as a major partner in the design of cold rolling workshops and mechanical equipment for the steel industry.