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Fives’ cross-belt sorter for baggage handling, the GENI-belt™ BH, awarded the Engineered Sustainability® brand

A few months ago, Fives Intralogistics S.p.A. was awarded the Engineered Sustainability® brand for the GENI-belt™ BH, its new cross-belt sorter for the airport market.

The Engineered Sustainability® program is a company voluntary approach based on a long-term commitment for all its key products- the eco-design process consists in continuously improving the product performances in terms of energy and environmental impacts, rewarding the best-in-class products with the Engineered Sustainability® brand.

For two years running, the R&D and the sales teams have been joining forces with the Group’s Innovation department to conduct eco-design studies on the GENI-belt™ BH.
The design of this upgraded version of this cross-belt sorter is the result of an environmental analysis of the product to quantify its performance and assess its market position in the highly competitive airport segment.

The eco-design project highlighted that the GENI-belt™ BH

  • consumes -23% energy than the former version, mainly thanks to the improved friction drive system;
  • allows up to -10% electrical consumption (when compared with current solutions on the market) thanks to its flexible eco-mode.

Other improvements to foster the environmental performance of the installation have been made

  • the new aluminum rails are 25% lighter
  • 92% of materials are recyclable

The new and revamped components combine energy efficiency, a safety and healthy work environment for operators, as well as an extended sorter’s lifetime.