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Fives continues to support the EV industry with their Landis 3LVe technology

A large automotive OEM has purchased additional Landis 3LVe machines to support their new Battery Electric Vehicle line. Through our collaborative efforts we have expanded the variation of shafts we will grind in the additional 3LVe’s machines. These grinders will ultimately provide products used to expand our customers vehicle offerings.


The Landis 3LVe’s flexible machine design provides a modular platform to configure the machine for plunge, angle approach, peel or orbital grinding – to fit production needs.

After the successful installation of the first machine in early 2021, which provides unrivalled quality and cycle times, an additional 3 machines were purchased. The second machine will be built at Fives Landis Ltd. based in the UK and shipped in early 2022. The third and fourth machines will be built at Fives Landis Corp. in the USA and shipped at the end of 2022.

Grinding | Ultra Precision teams look forward to continued growth with this customer and many others moving towards e-mobility in the future.