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Fives continues its mission in Indonesia with the supply of two new heat exchangers

Following an emergency service intervention on heat exchangers that resulted in the quick restart of an air separation unit in Indonesia, Fives cryogenic experts in Golbey, France, supplied two new replacement equipment in February.

In August 2021, Fives service experts in Golbey, France, organized an emergency intervention in Indonesia to repair a heat exchanger and restart as quickly as possible an air separation unit. The end user was satisfied with Fives’ leakage repairs and ordered two replacement heat exchangers. As per the end user requirement, Fives committed to manufacture the heat exchangers and carry out their installation on site within 6 months.

This new challenge mobilized Fives’ cryogenic experts and resources to ensure the completion of every steps of the project as per the agreed schedule and especially regarding transport and travel. Indeed, Fives’ and the end-user’s teams coordinated to ensure that they would all be on site at the same time, along with the heat exchangers and material for the welders, taking into account a mandatory quarantine period in Indonesia.

In February 2022, 10 aluminium welders from Fives, divided in two teams, completed the installation of the heat exchangers in less than 3 weeks. The final tests on the equipment were successful and the end-user, satisfied with the works carried out, is now finalizing the preparation to restart the air separation unit.

This project also brought together Fives welders and the local workers from the previous intervention who were all pleased to collaborate again making it a good human experience on top of a technical one.

Installation of 2 new heat exchangers by Fives' experts