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Fives sets it sights on new growth in North America with The Automation of All Things (AOAT)

Fives announced a significant business initiative, breaking into unchartered territory, launching a business line for conveyance in North America. A ground-breaking move for the business and a strategic step for the organization, combining global resources industry-leading automation expertise.

Targeting Conveyance Opportunities in the Region

Focusing on future growth in the conveyance market, Fives will increase its overall footprint for the business line by 100%, and resources by 20%, hiring engineering, proposal engineers, and project management; cross-training teams to address anticipated demand within its Smart Automation Solutions Division.

Conveyors are found in many products Fives develops at all different types and sizes, typically a subset of a larger piece of equipment. The new conveyance group traditionally applies to the large-scale movement of loads in a manufacturing environment where the conveyor focuses on the project, for example, an assembly line producing electric vehicle batteries or a monorail for moving sea containers.

Fives Cinetic Corp.’s North American headquarters in Farmington Hills, Michigan, delivers a complete eco-system of automation products, supporting industrial washing automation traditional to vehicle powertrain, advanced battery products, and now conveyance. Subsequently, the site is fully equipped and backed by dedicated staff for conveyance technology product development, production, assembly, and test.

In parallel, Fives Cinetic Corp.'s Saltillo, Mexico operations comprise an advanced engineering team specializing in both mechanical and electrical disciplines, along with robust project management and support services. It hosts complete manufacturing for conveyance production, assembly, and test.

Mark PERRY, Conveying Platform Business Manager, appointed in April to lead the new product group's strategy, growth, and overall operations in this capacity, commented: "Over 30 years ago, I started in the conveyance industry working for a Tier 1 full-service integrator, and for the last 18 years, I owned and operated a tier 2 business, designing and building conveyor equipment for customers.  I am thrilled to return to my roots with an organization and division fully equipped with the resources required to make this business launch and growth seamless. Fives' experience and global strength will rapidly catapult the product group's success." 

Marco ANDRIANO, President and CEO-Fives Cinetic Corp. remarked: "I am often asked what makes us different from our competitors. I always reply that we are an organization with a global mindset and local presence. Our spectrum of resources across all Fives businesses provides unique advantages typically found within much larger companies; we are scalable without the red tape, empowering a highly adaptive and agile organization for the markets and customers we serve."

Fives' conveyance streamlines solutions for customers while delivering high value to fulfill requirements. Focused on a promising market to promote growth in the region, Fives is leveraging its extensive history of demonstrated global success in one of its key areas of expertise.