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Fives chosen by Praxair for the replacement of 40 heat exchangers

Fives' Energy | Cryogenics assembly teams have undertaken the replacement of 40 heat exchangers, in 4 sub-assemblies of 10 exchangers, for one of their traditional clients, Praxair, at the Dillingen, Germany site.

The installation of the sub-assemblies, each weighing 30 tons and 5.5 metres wide, was made with great precision, inside the original cold boxes. Not less than 84 welds were made inside the cold box on the lower part of the sub-assemblies where access is limited, over a four week period, with a low repair percentage of 6%, thanks to the quality of weld preparation and the actual welding.

This performance satisfied our client by the respect of the site safety procedures by Fives' team and the quality of the work, completed on schedule.