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Fives celebrates the First Hot Gas at ALBA PotLine 6

On December 8, 2018 as part of the ALBA Potline 6 Project, the Fives’ team started the extraction of hot gas at GTC # 1 (Gas Treatment Center) from the first pots of the ALBA Line 6 Reduction area, and via the Pot Feed System supplied Fresh Alumina to the Potroom.


The active participation and constant support of ALBA Line 6 Project Team, Bechtel, being the EPCM of Line 6 Expansion Project Smelter, ALBA’s Line 6 Start-Up team and of course ALBA Operations Team were key in this success.

The GTC project represents more than 2 million LTI free hours on site.

The First Hot Gas is a significant milestone. It has assisted ALBA in bringing forward the First Hot Metal milestone ahead of its scheduled date of 1st January 2019, making it the fastest construction in the history of the aluminium industry and despite many challenges faced during construction.

Fives’ teams are already proactive to reach the next contractual milestones: this being the complete achievement of the GTC # 1, including the start-up of aluminium Handling System, followed by the successful completion of GTC # 2.