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Fives attends 2nd CIIE in Shanghai and launches NeoKoil® SmartLine in China

Press release – Nov.14th, 2019

As one of the honored guests of the second China International Import Expo (CIIE), the President of France, Mr. Macron, fully demonstrates France's great attention to this event. Mr. Sanchez, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fives group and Honorary President of the Industry of the Future Alliance of France, accompanied to visit China.

At the first Expo, with the theme of intelligent manufacturing and the focus on industrial digitalization, Fives displayed its state-of-the-art technology and industrial intelligent solutions in aerospace, automobile, steel, logistics, energy, glass, aluminum and other industries in the high-end intelligent manufacturing hall. In this second Expo, Fives is demonstrating more comprehensive R&D achievements focusing on the reduction of environmental footprint and digitalization.

Fives first launch of NeoKoil® SmartLine at CIIE

The NeoKoil® SmartLine from Fives completely changes the way the operation and process are controlled in the steel industry. The unique offer includes predictive metallurgical models combining physical laws and artificial intelligence with appropriate IT architecture and machine learning algorithm to achieve the best quality and productivity.

Thinking beyond to increase profit

The NeoKoil® SmartLine maximizes the operational performances in terms of the increase of quality yield by several points, productivity and production flexibility. All these have a positive impact to increase profit. Consistently. Every time.

Mr. Sanchez, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fives said: “The NeoKoil® SmartLine gives Fives a great competitive advantage in our Steel business. The enthusiastic reaction of our clients on the CIIE is confirming the adequacy of the solution to their needs. We are approached by many steelmakers in China who want to reap the yield and productivity benefits from a fully automatic line control which allows them to achieve first choice, first time, every time, consistently, with Fives !”

An increasing commitment against climate change

During the interview by CCTV, Mr. Sanchez said: “China is determined to be a key player to fight against climate change. It is a very positive signal for a group like Fives, because we are developing technologies which have the objective to reduce the carbon footprint of our clients’ activities. We promote an open world where all parties can contribute to demonstrate that Industry can do it, which is our motto.”

In the first day of CIIE, Fives signed six contracts and two strategic agreements, involving more than 150 million US dollars. The first launch of the product will be available in the new product release center in the North Hall of CIIE on November 8. The introduction of new product release will be broadcast live by omnimedia platform. Our friends who can't come to the site can also pay attention to the online release platform of CIIE for interaction!