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Fives at Future Steel Forum

How can augmented reality, robotics, cyber-enabled design and manufacturing help steelmakers improve efficiency and reduce costs? How far can we go with machine learning without losing our engineering knowledge? These are the questions that were discussed in depth during the Future Steel Forum organized by Steel Times International magazine on September 25-26, 2019 in Budapest, Hungary.

Fives is a regular sponsor and presenter of this event which gathered more than 130 participants from academia, steelmakers and technology providers this year. Jean-Paul Nauzin, Vice President -  Marketing & Technology from Fives’ Steel Business Unit chaired the first session on smart factories. 

“Smart sensors better adapted to new process management strategies, predictive modelling, big data acquisition and automatic line management are basic digital solutions that are required today to produce 3rd generation steel grades,” highlighted Jean-Paul Nauzin.

This focus on predictive modeling and artificial intelligence was echoed in the presentation made by Cyril Peillon, Senior Data Scientist at Fives CortX, a subsidiary of Fives, specializing in data acquisition, smart data visualization and artificial intelligence. The presentation highlighted how targeted mechanical properties of the coil produced by a continuous galvanizing line can be achieved by using a combination of physical and machine learning models to improve the first time first choice ratio.  

“The Future Steel Forum is a unique opportunity to meet different stakeholders in respect of innovative technologies for the steel industry, exchange ideas and receive feedback on our new proposals”, concluded Cyril Peillon.