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Fives announces strategic partnership with Caja Robotics to tackle new challenges in the European market


Fives, one of the world’s most preferred partners for transforming supply chain facilities, announced today its partnership with Caja Robotics, a leading provider of robotic and flexible Goods-To-Person solutions in fulfillment.

As part of its ongoing development strategy to expand its  piece picking offering, Fives is adding a new dimension to its activities in Europe through the implementation of the Caja Robotics solution.

Through the mutual exchange of know-how and technical expertise as well as a deep understanding of customer needs and market demands, both companies will strengthen their position as key players in warehouse automation.

Caja Robotics’ solution is complementary to Fives’ technology portfolio and will allow Fives to broaden its dedicated Micro-fulfillment offering, particularly in the apparel and footwear market, to help its customers meet the challenges of omnichannel automation, while giving Caja Robotics the extra boost needed to tackle the Southern European market where Fives demonstrates leading position.

Caja Robotics has developed a solution for the flexible and scalable automation of warehouse logistics operations, which combines powerful robots, intelligently planned picking stations and powerful, AI-supported software.

Controlled by Caja’s cloud-based advanced fleet management, the robots move cartons and bins between the picking stations and the shelves and thus constantly optimise goods management and the entire warehouse operation. Caja’s state-of-the-art warehouse technology can be easily adapted to the existing warehouse structure, could readapt later with the changing needs, and is flexible enough to handle peaks in orders.

The solution is particularly suited to the specific requirements of industries with fluctuating throughput figures, such as e-commerce and retail logistics.

The cooperation with Fives brings great potential for synergy effects for both companies.

Automated distribution centers are a competitive advantage for mastering the challenges of the future. Our customers also see it that way, which is why we want to proactively develop solutions together with Caja Robotics to meet their needs," explains Massimiliano FOCHETTI, Global EVP Sales and Marketing for Fives' Smart Automation Solutions Division.

"We are glad to have found in Fives a partner that attaches great importance to further development of our solution. At the same time, we benefit from Fives' sales force, which is essential for our expansion on the European market", emphasizes Ilan COHEN, Chairman and CEO of Caja Robotics. 


The major asset of this cooperation is Fives' extensive in-house experience and resources, which enable Caja Robotics to tailor its solution to the requirements of a wide range of customers and target industries.


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