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Fives alongside SCHENKER France for mechanizing their new logistics platform

DB SCHENKER in France, one of the leading global logistics service providers, has awarded Fives Syleps with a contract for the design and installation of a new mechanized and automated logistics system for its air freight subsidiary, ATH (Air Terminal Handling ), located at Paris-Charles De Gaulle Airport (France).


Through its subsidiary ATH, DB SCHENKER in France continues to modernize its supply chain and expands its logistics capabilities by investing in a state-of-the-art industrial tool in order to enhance efficiency, product traceability, while reducing parcel processing time on site.

This project designed by Fives Syleps aims at supporting the ongoing growth of DB SCHENKER’s air freight business in France. It consists of the installation of a new mechanized and automated logistics system to optimize receipt, preparation, and shipping operations. It includes process design, Warehouse Control System (WCS) software, and package/pallet conveyor systems.

The contract was signed on November 7th in the presence of Yemna AKBACHE, CEO of Fives Syleps, Yannick JESTIN, Market Manager at Fives Syleps, Frédéric VALLET, President of SCHENKER France, Jean-Pierre RINVILLE, President of ATH, Christophe ROCTON, Purchasing Director at SCHENKER France, Stefan Ceresa, Financial Director at SCHENKER France and Sylvain BERGER, Legal Director at SCHENKER France.

The installation assembly will begin in 2024. Start-up is scheduled in the course of 2025.

"As part of this contract with this new customer, Fives offers to DB SCHENKER a high-quality industrial tool to support the development of their air freight business from Paris-Charles De Gaulle Airport. DB SCHENKER will be able to handle the receipt, preparation, and shipping of their customers' goods under optimal conditions " explained Yemna AKBACHE, CEO of Fives Syleps.


DB SCHENKER is a major global player in transport and logistics services in France and abroad. DB SCHENKER supports industry and trade for international goods exchange through road transportation, international air and sea freight, contract logistics, and supply chain management. They are committed to finding new innovative and sustainable solutions for supply chain management.