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Fives, a player in the industry of the future, in St Petersburg at the SPIEF

Fives took part in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), which ran from May 24-26, 2018.

This event, created in 1997 and placed under the auspices of the President of the Russian Federation, Mr. Vladimir Putin, is a discussion platform for global decision-makers, offering them the opportunity to discuss major economic issues. Fives, which has been an active partner of Russian industry since 1852, was represented at the forum by the Chairman of its Executive Board, Frédéric Sanchez, who is also Chairman of MEDEF International.

One of the highlights of the event was the signature of a protocol for cooperation on the Industry of the Future between France’s entrepreneurial organization (MEDEF International), represented by Mr. Sanchez, and its Russian equivalent (RSPP – Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs) on May 25, 2018. This agreement aims to promote a long-term partnership between the two countries on new production technologies (additive manufacturing, composites, robotics), the use of digital, and predictive maintenance.

Mr. Sanchez discussed these topics more broadly as a participant in a round table on the industry of the future. Fives was also one of the 65 companies invited by Mr. Putin to share their vision of the current challenges and future outlook for more extensive cooperation between the two countries. During his presentation, Mr. Sanchez highlighted the potential that digital technologies offer companies seeking to become more agile and competitive - particularly in industry, where they can be used to create smart factories.

Fives is a historic industrial partner of Russia: the group established itself there in 1852, notably with the 1875 construction of the Mariinsky sugar refinery. This growing economy is striving to modernize its industry by acquiring innovative, high-performance technologies like those offered by Fives. Over the past decade, the Group has completed more than 150 projects in Russia and the CIS, in industries including aluminum, steel, glass, cement, sugar, logistics, and the automotive sector.