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Eco-friendly reheating furnaces for China

Due to the importance of environmental responsibility in China, local steelmakers are committed to choosing green technologies for non-polluting performance. In view of this, Fives was selected for two strategical contracts to design and supply reheating furnaces to Chinese steelmakers, both with very strict requirements on energy consumption and NOx emissions.

The first project covers an ultra-low NOx emission furnace to reheat long products, such as stainless steel bars, coils or wires for Yantai Walsin Stainless Steel. Yantai Walsin is a subsidiary of Walsin Lihwa, a world leading manufacturer of stainless steel. The advanced technology offered by Fives - Stein Reheating WBF, a walking beam furnace, will completely satisfy client’s requirements. The high standard furnace will have a capacity of 85 tons per hour and will be equipped with the latest generation of AdvanTek® burners, designed in France. The AdvanTek® burners will guarantee  energy efficiency and ultra-low NOx emissions – less than 100 mg/m3, which is a real benefit to Yantai Walsin.

The second contract was signed with HBIS SHISTEEL - Shijiazhuang Iron & Steel Company within  China’s HBIS Group for two reheating furnaces, each with a production capacity of 130 tons per hour. The ultimate choice was Stein Digit@l Furnace® due to its green performance. This walking beam furnace, operating on natural gas, is equipped with the patented wide flame burners and a combustion system with individual on/off control. The wide flame burners improve the crosswise and lengthways temperature profiles of the products, while the individual on-off control allows high thermal efficiency while reducing fuel consumption and NOx emissions. HBIS SHISTEEL is now relocating its steelmaking facilities 80 kilometers away from Shijiazhuang city to set up new standards for cleaner, more flexible and more efficient steelmaking in China.

The scope of both projects on EPC basis includes engineering, equipment supply, erection and commissioning, which will be completely executed by Fives Stein Metallurgical Technology (Shanghai), a Fives’ subsidiary in China.