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Eco-designed power converters

Fives has developed a new range of modular and high performant power converters to integrate perfectly with any workstations on industrial sites.

A new power converter - CELES Model P – is capable to deliver a maximal power from 25kW to 100kW. It is operating with an oscillating circuit over a frequency range between 50 and 400 kHz, and is suitable for environmentally responsible induction heating for different applications in aeronautics, automotive, medical, food processing or steel industries.

High efficiency

The CELES Model P output can achieve 97% efficiency thanks to the advanced SiC (silicon carbide) technology, enabling a wider range of control. The new range is available in the following formats:

  • CELES Model P-Rack: a power converter delivered as a kit which can be integrated into an existing installation or directly into an electrotechnical part of the machine
  • CELES Model P-C: a compact standalone power converter for an easy installation in workshops or laboratories
  • CELES Model P-L: a large standalone power converter

The new model features a robust box and a user-friendly touch screen while its maintenance can be implemented remotely to minimize downtime and enhance productivity.