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Contract for the Installation of MIREA and SOFIA in Canada

In line with aluminium producer’s objective to implement traceability of anodes throughout their life cycle, Fives will install both its MIREA and SOFIA technologies at a Canadian smelter.



MIREA is an advanced sensor that continuously measures the resistivity of baked anodes, providing a reliable characterization based on collected data and no longer on visual criteria. With MIREA, the main objective of the customer is to have less anode rejects and a better performance of the electrolysis process thanks to a real time control of 100% of the anode production in a non-destructive way.

[Aluminium] The MIREA Solution, get a real-time indication of your anode quality - YouTube

SOFIA (Smart On the Fly Inspection and Analysis) is a 3D measurement machine for anode butts inspection at the Rodding Shop. It measures the butt with fixed laser scanners to reconstruct the 3D model and finally to measure virtually the geometry and reflectivity. The special feature of the system is that the measurement is done on the fly, while the butt moves between two rodding shop machines. By compiling the information from bath and butts parameters, SOFIA gives a feedback of the anode behavior in the cell.

As part of a cooperation agreement with TRIMET, SOFIA has been operating for two years at St Jean de Maurienne smelter in France. The customer has integrated the measurements into the electrolysis dashboard and can now use them to monitor the process, to anticipate the consequences of a change and to optimize the rotation of the anodes.

These contracts confirm Fives’ orientation towards digital alternatives including Smart solutions for equipment health monitoring, and process & operation monitoring solutions such as the Amelios Suite with all its advanced sensors.

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