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Connecting data for steel producers

Fives employs the CortX Alchemy digital solution for induction heating and industrial cooling equipment.

The CortX Alchemy solution collects equipment operating data, stores it in the cloud and displays it using dashboards in order to analyze it in retrospect or in real time. One of the benefits of this solution is an easy implementation as it only requires adding a Gateway module to the equipment.

Fives has started offering its digital solution for induction heating, in particular for transverse and longitudinal flux inductors on production lines. The Gateway collects data about power, voltage, current, water flow, temperature measurements, alerts and faults. This data can then be used for remote supervision, production monitoring and traceability, as well as diagnostics, predictive maintenance and machine learning. 

Steelmakers can benefit an unparalleled confidence during production process thanks to the equipment digitalization. The solution frees operators from the need to collect data themselves and makes it possible to access data remotely and store it online securely.

Jean-Philippe Jamelot, Digital Projects Leader from Fives Celes, a subsidiary of Fives, explains that there is considerable added value for clients, which includes:

  • Alerts and diagnostics remote dispatch 
  • Interface personalization
  • Production traceability and reporting
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Customer support

Within the framework of a collaboration between Fives and a major steel manufacturer, the module Gateway coupled with CortX Alchemy solution was installed on the CELES EcoTransFluxTM demonstrating unit at the Fives' workshop in Lautenbach in France. It will allow experts to monitor heating and cooling data in real-time from overseas.