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Fives offers a solution for the combustion of a rare fuel

Fives is installing a Pillard hot gas generator in a cement plant in Eastern Europe for the purpose of drying its raw material.


The client's objective is to reduce the cost of clinker production by replacing natural gas with a less expensive pulverized fuel: peat. The difficulty of this project, with such a rarely used product, is its combustion. Indeed, peat must be crushed finely enough to obtain a grain size adapted for an excellent and safe combustion.

The product meeting these requirements is the Pillard hot gas generator, with a unit power of 75 MW and operating with air at 250°C. Start-up will be with natural gas up to 30% power, at which point peat becomes the main fuel.

The Pillard hot gas generator was installed this summer under the supervision of Fives’ engineers on site. As part of this project, Fives also delivered a Pillard STAPILDOS™ dosing system that will be used as a silo and which includes all the necessary safety features for handling the peat.

Finalization of the start-up is scheduled for October 2021, and results will be shared in the coming months.