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Again, two Fives solutions received the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label”

After AMELIOS Suite and VirtuoTM OptiScale, two technologies developed by Fives have been also awarded the "Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label": SmartLine and H.R.A.™ (Heat Recovery Area), intended for the steel and glass production industries respectively. A further recognition of Fives' ability to develop solutions that meet high criteria in terms of both profitability and sustainability.


With its #1000 solutions, the Solar Impulse Foundation, founded by Bertrand Piccard, promotes an industry that is more respectful of the environment and at the forefront of innovation. The "Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label" is awarded after an evaluation by independent internal experts.


SmartLine, a digital solution for steel processing already widely endorsed

SmartLine is a fully automated steel strip processing line control system which uses predictive modeling to ensure the highest standards of performance and productivity; it also includes a self-learning It combines technological expertise, metallurgy skill and data analysis. The solution links all the key processes in real-time, anticipates metal processing conditions and continually adapts them depending on the line speed. This ensures that the coils are reliably produced with the intended final surface and mechanical properties.

SmartLine improves quality and productivity, whilst also saving energy and materials (reduced material waste, energy consumption and zinc).

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H.R.A.™ (Heat Recovery Area), a solution mindful of the environmental issues of glass production

The H.R.A.™ solution is designed to optimize gas heat in glass melting furnaces.

In the glass-making process, CO2 emissions are primarily generated by the melting process (70 to 80% of total emissions). But H.R.A. ™ technology, developed for oxy-fuel combustion furnaces, helps reduce gas consumption by 6 to 10%. It facilitates the transition from air furnaces to oxy-fuel combustion furnaces, with a 15 to 25% reduction in CO2 emissions. H.R.A. ™ technology also makes hybrid furnaces viable, with up to 80% green electricity. The 20% remaining combustion can be supplied with renewable fuels like hydrogen or biogas.

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“Obtaining Solar Impulse certification for four of our Fives solutions is tremendous recognition of the work done by our R&D, commercial and technical teams and our ambition to transform industry,”

explains Ingrid Jaugey Ndiaye, CSR Director.

The Solar Impulse foundation is an association recognized for its independence, and the founder’s determination to transform uses and work with industry to jointly identify solutions able to reduce the industrial footprint, and more broadly, the human footprint on our planet. We are proud to be part of the #1000Solutions for a sustainable industry. And we are continuing to work in this direction, now more than ever, as reflected by our mission statement “Industry can do it” and the four values: a virtuous, cutting-edge, mutually responsible and exciting industry.”