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Advanced technology for new generation steel

Hyundai Steel, a leading steel manufacturer, entrusted Fives, an international engineering group, with a revolutionary solution to modernize its existing production line.  

Dedicated solution for high-strength steel

Hyundai Steel needed a dedicated solution to produce 3rd Gen steel for the automotive industry in which the company is a reference manufacturer. Fives offered its breakthrough Dry FlashCooling® technology to integrate into the CAGL, a continuous annealing and galvanizing line, to achieve the result.

3rd Gen steel is an advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) that is used in the automotive industry. It is a lightweight steel that has an outstanding combination of mechanical properties and formability, compared to conventional mild steels.

“Our main target was to find a solution to produce 3rd Gen steel with a tensile strength from 1,000 MPa to 1,700 MPa. Through feasibility studies, we determined that the line’s cooling section had to be completely revamped. The challenge was to fit a new cooling section into the existing line, make it compatible with our process, and ensure it met safety requirements,” says Jin-Hyoung Park, Team Leader of CRM Process R&D at Hyundai Steel.

Key process technology

Dry FlashCooling®, a rapid cooling system developed by Fives, is a key process technology that enables the production of new high-strength steel grades.

“Our technical team worked in close cooperation with Hyundai Steel and conducted numerous feasibility studies to customize the solution. The design of the Dry FlashCooling® system, which runs on 75% hydrogen, allows limited hydrogen consumption thanks to a special recovery system. In addition, electricity consumption is also reduced by almost 6 times when achieving highest cooling rate performances says Camille Moukarzel, Business development and Sales Manager at Fives Stein, a Fives subsidiary specializing in thermal and cooling technologies.

Fives' long-term partnership with Hyundai Steel demonstrates its commitment to produce customized solutions that position steelmakers at the top of the industry.