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Advanced electrode holder design for US glass fiber manufacturer

Fives Stein Ltd. was chosen by AGY, a US glass fiber manufacturer, for the installation of VariCool electrode holders.

The project took place in AGY’s plant located in Aiken, South Carolina, USA, and included a total supply of 25 VariCool holders on two oxy-gas furnace rebuilds. By the end of Q2 this year, Fives Stein Ltd. had successfully installed 9 VariCool holders on the first rebuild and 16 VariCool holders on the second rebuild.

In addition to supplying the holders, Fives Stein Ltd. provided on-site engineering services to conduct various checks on AGY’s electrical & water utilities as well as suggest any changes to ensure safety. Fives’ engineers also helped to properly conduct the advancement and sealing of electrodes during heat up.

Similar to standard C-type Holder, the VariCool electrode holders are designed with multiple, parallel waterways which allow the supplied water to enter separately and simultaneously into the cooling nose. This advanced design allows the holder to provide continuous isothermal cooling, ensuring not only higher overall cooling capacity, but also a wider range of cooling flows.

As it stands today, these furnaces have been operating with no issues from the VariCool holders. With efficiency at its core, the VariCool electrode holders also provide:

  • High maximum cooling capacities
  • Wider range of cooling flows
  • Holder desgin requires zero welding
  • Efficient cooling distribution
  • Increased flow variation tolerance
  • Safer maintenance