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A new design Prium® E-Melt commissioned at Luigi Bormioli

Luigi Bormioli, one of the world-leading producers of tableware and perfumery glass container, contracted Fives for the enlargement of one of their existing electric-furnaces for its glass plant located in Parma, Italy. The cosmetics glass segment is one of the most demanding in terms of glass quality requirement. Fives was in charge of the design, engineering and commissioning of the furnace.

Prium® E-Melt CTVM, a cold top all-electric furnace, incorporates Fives' latest design features that offer a specifically engineered furnace structure, as well as an steelwork-integrated cooling system in order to improve glass melting & refining performances and reduce refractory wear rates.

This newly developed design was developed following intensive mathematic modelling sessions performed in partnership with CelSian Glass & Solar BV, a leader in CFD (computational fluid dynamics) modelling for the glass industry.

Fives successfully commissioned Prium® E-Melt furnace with a capacity of 80 tons per day in October 2016, making this furnace one of the deepest furnaces in the world (3.7 m). The expected furnace lifetime will be 8 years.