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法孚集团再次证明了自己的创新能力。集团是法国企业中,国际专利申请数量最多的企业之一,专利数量名列第 44 位,与代表创新的主要经济参与者(法雷奥、PSA、赛峰、泰莱等)并驾齐驱。这项排名是由 INPI(法国国家工业产权局)刚刚发布的2019 年企业排名。

The Group has always cultivated its capacity to constantly reinvent itself and to propose technology solutions addressing and anticipating industrial players' needs. Two strategic focuses are at the heart of this approach: digital, and the development of sustainable technologies and solutions meeting the challenge of the environmental transition.

Fives' position in this ranking established by the INPI is one example of this approach. Its bold engineers, customer proximity and constant R&D efforts make Fives a company truly focused on innovation, to look to the future with confidence.

It is also the fruit of a culture of innovation shared with all Group employees. This can be seen in the Fives Innovation Awards, an in-house innovation challenge organized every year over the past decade and open to all Group employees. It rewards technological innovations that address an industrial issue and are economically relevant.

At end-2020, Fives had a portfolio of 2,016 patents in 612 categories. In 2020, the Group invested €28.8 million in Research & Development and filed 50 new patent applications.