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Fives Connect, A Fives' new Digital Service

Fives Connect is a new Digital Service offer designed to ease customers' life and maximize Fives' presence at their side on a daily basis.


Fives has developed Fives Connect, an online Service platform dedicated to its customers.
Fives Connect is a unique portal that provides access to a multiple of information on Fives' equipment installed worldwide. The customer has multiple accesses and can thus benefit from Fives' expertise on a daily basis via:

  • A secure, intuitive and mobile 24/7 access to its technical documentation,
  • A privileged technical assistance thanks to a ticket system that automatically forwards the request to the right contact,
  • An interactive and personalized spare parts catalog for new equipment, allowing easier identification of components through exploded views,
  • All answers to previous problems which remain available for immediate resolution without assistance,
  • A weekly follow-up of current spare parts orders.

Fives Connect is currently under development with 4 pilot customers worldwide.
Once the platform is fully operational, at the end of this pilot phase, Fives Connect will be proposed to Fives' best customers. An access will also be given automatically with any new equipment, giving the customer the opportunity to have interactive documentation about its project, in addition to the basic functions offered by the tool, this latter being designed from the outset to be compatible with Fives Connect. Lastly, Fives Connect will ultimately also provide access to intelligent technologies embedded on Fives' equipment: SmartCrane and SmartGTC.

Fives Connect strives to assist the maintenance technicians on a daily basis, by allowing them to secure and anticipate maintenance activities, in order to reduce downtime and operating costs while improving safety on a daily basis.