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PSA GROUPE renews its confidence in Fives with the new “Want to be” Trim & Final Assembly Line in Rennes

PSA GROUPE awards Fives Conveying the handling facilities for the new vehicle assembly line in Rennes la Janais (35) France.

The evolution of technologies and the expectations of customers joined with market pressure, lead to the continuous optimization of industrial processes. Improving the performance of Supply Chain and automotive factories is an absolute necessity to reduce costs and to offer quality, innovative vehicles to the greatest number delivered on time. In this context, the PSA Group intends to consolidate the best of technologies, equipment and know-how of the Group and its partners. The handling technologies will be based on the definition of the excellent plant, the best know-how and the latest feedback from the assembly workshop of PSA in Mulhouse.

Thanks to this concept, each production site defines its industrial priorities to optimize production performance. The "Want to Be" of Rennes aims to define and realize a new vehicle assembly system for the Peugeot 5008 and the future Citroën Aircross SUV. The workshop will run at a rate of 30 vehicles / hour on two shifts from mid-2018.

Designed according to the principles of the plant of the future, the site of Rennes la Janais will have the latest developments in full kitting logistics, composite slats, automatic adjustable height lifting body carriers and skillet moving platforms on which the parts kits will take place for better ergonomics and an optimum level of quality.

Fives and its Automation teams will realize all the handling of the main assembly line from the paint delivery until the final quality inspection of the vehicles before shipment. Fives conveying will also provide all the sub assembly conveyors such as door trim and storage line, just-in-time delivery wheels line, Engine sub assembly line and front / rear axle preparation line of mechanical components. Integration of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) solutions for parts supply and intra-material transfer will also be implemented by the Fives teams.