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90% of CO2 emissions avoided: launch of the Ch0C demonstrator, a low-carbon industrial gas boiler

• 16 partners launch the production of the Ch0C industrial demonstrator;

• Winner of the France 2030 DEMIBaC call for projects - development of technological building blocks and demonstrators - industrial firsts combining supply and demand.

• Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne has allocated €1.2 million of the €2.9 million required to fund the project.

In a letter sent to several members of the consortium this summer, the Prime Minister praised the high quality of the project, which had already been appraised by Ademe. She also emphasised that this demonstrator was "fully in line with the emission reduction targets set by France 2030 and the national strategy for accelerating the decarbonisation of industry set by the National Low Carbon Strategy".


The Ch0C boiler could reduce CO2 emissions in France by more than 4 million tonnes

The boiler will be designed and assembled at Babcock Wanson's plant in Nérac (Lot-et-Garonne). Fives will design and supply the Pillard® combustion system integrated into the boiler.

In early 2024, the 3 MW boiler and the CO2 liquefaction system, manufactured by VERDEMOBIL BIOGAZ, will be delivered to the Villers-Saint-Paul industrial site (Oise) operated by ENGIE Solutions. The demonstrator will be tested on this site. Naldeo Technologies & Industries is coordinating the engineering of the project throughout. The Ch0C boiler could be on the market as early as 2025. Replacing 1,000 industrial boilers with this new boiler could save 4 million tonnes of CO2 emissions a year1.


Innovative, high-performance technology to capture and recycle CO2

The innovation of the Ch0C boiler is based on the replacement of air by oxygen during combustion: this is the principle of oxycombustion. As well as improving the boiler's performance, this process concentrates the CO2 produced so that it can be captured and recycled. This low-carbon gas boiler could reduce direct CO2 emissions from industrial boilers for steam and hot water use by over 90%2. Its deployment will therefore meet the stringent decarbonisation requirements facing manufacturers. This technology is being closely followed by manufacturers in the paper/cardboard, chemicals and food sectors.


Efficiently decarbonising industry: 16 players join forces to create a French sector of excellence

The consortium, led by Naldeo Technologies & Industries, brings together energy companies, equipment manufacturers, scientific experts and manufacturers. Babcock Wanson, ENGIE Solutions, Fives, GRDF, GRTgaz, TotalEnergies and VERDEMOBIL BIOGAZ are partner members of the project. Agrial, Agro mousquetaires, Bonduelle, Carboneo, Coca-Cola, Constellium, Eiffage Énergie Systèmes and the University of Paris are observer members.

[1] Assumptions used: 1,000 3MW gas boilers operating 7,000 h/year; associated gas consumption: 21 TWh (billion kWh); 90% reduction in direct CO2 emissions linked to this consumption compared with a conventional gas boiler.

[2] The emissions taken into account are direct emissions (scope 1)