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Vendée Arctique - Ranking in the Top 10

Louis reached the Vendée Arctique Icelandic goal at 2:54AM this Saturday, in 8th position!

Audacity and commitment pay. Rough weather conditions had the Vendée Arctique stop way before the initial finish line, but the race has been incredible nonetheless.

Due to harsh weather, impeding the race to go according to plans, Iceland has finally been chosen as the finish line. The Fives sponsored skipper, Louis Duc, managed to rank at an outstanding 8th place. One of the truest victories, as it was his 2nd ever IMOCA race and 1st one in solo.

While the race is now over, Louis Duc has had opportunities to look at performances of other centerboard boats and was only 7 minutes away from one of the best current foilers out there. This is definitely good news for the next races!