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Fives supports centerless market in Italy


Fives Giustina secured an order for a Giustina R125 transmission upgrade from a customer dedicated to the production of titanium in the aerospace, medical, racing and industrial markets. This machine currently grinds large diameter titanium bars.

The transmission upgrade allows for reduced transmission vibrations which provides improved quality and a significant reduction in machine downtime. This upgrade has been guaranteed and validated in the field on numerous machines.

The Giustina R125 is engineered with a cast iron base to provide high thermal and mechanical stability which ensures optimum accuracy. This machine is the ideal solution for high stock removal with a short cycle time to meet industrial production standards.

Fives Giustina was selected for the machine upgrade thanks to our vast knowledge and service expertise on the Giustina R125, originally manufactured by Fives Giustina. We look forward to continuing to support our customers with on-site, local technical services in the Italian market.