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Fives helps MPReis achieve its goal of decarbonizing operations through hydrogen combustion

MPReis, an Austrian food and retail company, achieved its goal to decarbonize its process with the support of Fives’ combustion technologies. Recently commissioned, the Pillard LONOxFLAM® G2, firing both hydrogen and natural gas, has enabled MPReis to significantly reduce its carbon emissions.


In 2018, the Austrian food and retail company MPreis made a trendsetting decision for more decarbonization in its process. Its ambition was to use its self-produced green hydrogen in their bakery, more particularly for firing their 1 MWth thermal oil boiler, made by Classen Apparatebau Wiesloch GmbH.

In January 2021, Fives got the order to design and deliver a dual fuel burner system adapted to MPReis requirements. The burner should have the ability to fire both green hydrogen and natural gas as main and backup fuels. This meant that each fuel gas should operate individually and in the event one would fail, the switch over to the other one should be automatically.

The solution provided by Fives, a 1.1 MW Pillard LONOxFLAM® G2, is characterized by its high flexibility and adaptability. Some modifications were made to the low NOx type of burner, so that it could fire both hydrogen and natural gas.

Ready for operation, this one-of-a-kind dual fuel burner was commissioned in 2022.

The results are already in and the achieved NOx emissions for hydrogen and for natural gas were between 45 and 60mg/Nm3@3%O2 across turn down. For natural gas firing, the carbon emissions measured were zero, thus meeting the customer's target.