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A Canadian Aluminium producer trusts Fives to bake its anodes

As part of the conversion of its smelter to natural gas, an Aluminium producer has awarded Fives with a contract to replace its Firing and Control Systems (FCS) on Anode Baking Furnaces.


Fives will supply its Helios technology offering clean and efficient combustion thanks to an optimised injection system, resulting in a high degree of baking homogeneity, reduced energy consumption and lower emissions. Moreover, the customer will also benefit from:

  • Connected tablets for remote control of the system and optimised monitoring of the refractory condition with the latest version of the Flue Wall Monitoring software,
  • The "Amelios baked" software, part of Amelios Suite, for process monitoring and optimisation of the baking process.

The ramps will be assembled and tested in a workshop located near the smelter before their delivery to site. Beside, a 2-year remote assistance contract has already been signed.

The whole project will be carried out on a lean timeline, with commissioning of the first fire scheduled for November, 2021, in line with gas arrival.

The customer was convinced both by Fives’ proximity, with the local presence of Fives Services inc. teams who work daily for the maintenance of the cranes, and the recognised quality of the Fives’ Anode Baking System, but also by the proposed industrial plan that relieved them of a space constraint on the site.

The innovations introduced in recent years to further improve the Fives’ anode baking systems, in particular by incorporating smart, low-emission technologies, have now gained the confidence of the market.