Fives, the most pioneering partner of capital intensive industries

Fives provides high added-value solutions and equipment for the world's largest industrial players. As a designer and a manufacturer, Fives has its own proprietary technologies and supplies machines, process equipment, complete production lines and process units.

The multisector commercial offer of Fives is presented through 19 business lines, specialized by market or technology. Each business line includes design, supply, installation, service and maintenance.


Process equipment and complete installations: Carbon, reduction and casthouse sectors.

Some products: Eolios, GeniosTM, OzeosTM, Rhodax®, Xelios, Yprios…


Complete automated and integrated systems: Assembly solutions, washers, conveyors, gantries, fasteners, interlinking and robotic handling solutions, software and traceability solutions.

Range of products: CentriSprayTM, CFC, Cinetic, DyAG et ETFA

Cement | Minerals

Core process equipment and complete plants: Crushing, grinding, pyroprocessing, combustion, gas treatment and control & optimization.

Range of products: FCB and Pillard


Burners, controls and customized combustion systems. Design, supply, construction and maintenance services for furnaces, heaters and steam generation units.

Range of products: ITAS, North American and Pillard

Cryogenics | Energy

Brazed heat exchangers, cold boxes, cores-in-drums and cryogenic pumps for air separation, distribution, natural gas processing, LNG, olefins and petrochemicals, helium and filling systems.

Range of products: Cryo (heat exchangers, cold boxes) and Cryomec (cryogenic pumps)

Cutting Tools | Abrasives

Custom engineered superabrasive tooling, abrasive and superabrasive wheels, providing cutting and grinding solutions.

Range of products: CITCO and Gardner Abrasives

Filling | Sealing

Fluid filling, fluid tests and sealing equipment.

Range of products: DeckerSealing® and RapidCharge®


Process equipment and complete line for float, flat and specific (fiber, container…) production.

Range of products: Prium®

Grinding | Ultra Precision

Grinding solutions and machine tools for precision component manufacturers.

Range of products: Cranfield Precision, Giustina,  Landis et Landis-Bryant


Induction heating and industrial cooling equipment and solutions.

Range of products: CELES


Handling and sorting solutions to automate internal logistics streams for postal and courier companies, distribution centers and baggage handling systems.

Range of products: GENI-beltTM cross-belt, TRISORT SDX shoe sorter, WCS Trace®, LPS, ACCORD Singulators...


Preventive and corrective maintenance solutions through contracts with performance objectives and maintenance engineering support services.


Mechanical subcontracting for all projects from welding, machining, assembly including equipment repairs.

Metal Cutting | Composites

Metalworking machine tools, automated composites processing systems and complete manufacturing solutions.

Range of products: Cincinnati, Forest Liné, Giddings & Lewis, Global Services and Liné Machines

Piping Solutions

Industrial piping: Engineering and on-site expertise, prefabrication, new construction, maintenance, highly technical equipment.


Complete processing lines, mechanical, thermal, finishing equipment and surface treatment technologies.

Range of products: Abbey, Bronx, CELES, DMS, OTO, Stein and Taylor-Wilson

Sugar | Bioenergy

Process equipment and process lines for sugar recovery and co-generation of electricity.

Range of products: Cail and Fletcher

Tube and Pipe

Tube and pipe mills, straighteners and finishing equipment.

Range of products: Abbey, Bronx, OTO and Taylor-Wilson