Fives is a world class technology driven engineering group serving a large scope of industries

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  • Fives-Forest-Liné Modumill metal cutting -FIVES
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Fives has a long proven history of technological leadership on key proprietary process equipment and automation systems that bring added value for its customers' final products.

Always one-step-ahead and beyond expectations, Fives has focused its development on ecodesign & environmentally friendly innovations.

Fives' bicentenary long experience demonstrates its teams' advanced skills and capabilities and the Group's ability to continuously adapt and operate worldwide, always at the forefront of its customers' needs:

  • Supplying outstanding process equipment, special machine-tools and all key process components;
  • Providing complete production lines and process workshops;
  • Acting as a full integrated engineering company;
  • Allowing its customers to control, monitor and optimize their operations through customized and user friendly softwares;
  • Supporting its customers worldwide through local service platforms.

In terms of Service, Fives' commitment and strength is to fully assist and proactively help its clients to maximize the performance of their industrial installation during operation.

With this in mind, Fives offers pioneering, valuable and high quality service solutions in order to help its customers operate, optimize and futher develop their production.

With activities in a large scope of industries, Fives' clients benefit from the Group's wide cross-fertilized knowledge.

Key markets served:


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Ultimate machines, ultimate factory captures Fives’ know-how of high quality machines and key process equipment  and its ability to integrate complete production solutions in the best possible way.