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Tubes and Polytubes®/Monotube mechanical cleaning solutions

Our motto: quality and service

As an expert in the manufacturing and prefabrication of high-tech piping, Fives offers a comprehensive range of monotubes and Polytubes®. Fives specializes in this field through two dedicated ranges. All the tubes are manufactured at our workshops in France.

Fives also offers a comprehensive range of maintenance services and tools: bore brushes, extractors... but also Tubenet©, a cleaning solution for straight or slightly curved tubes.

Polytubes® and monotube: save time, optimize space and bundles

Fives offers the tailored design and manufacturing of Polytubes® and monotubes. For your pneumatic and hydraulic control transfer lines, Fives designs bundles of several tubes assembled in a helix shape. This unique design helps save space, but also limits distortion of curved tubes. The range’s strengths lie in the space saved and its durability.

Designed at our specialized workshops, Polytubes® from Fives are suited to control, regulation, analysis and sampling. They are available in two categories:

  • Polytubes® T: bundle of several tubes covered with thermal insulation and external protective cladding (line for trace heating, steam, etc.)
  • Polytubes® R: bundle of several tubes assembled in a helix shape and covered in external protective cladding (pneumatic and hydraulic control transfer line)

Fives offers line maintenance and cleaning

By relying on Fives to clean your exchangers, condensers and evaporators you benefit from the service and expertise of a century-old company. Our offer revolves around consultancy, quality tools, tailored solutions and respect for the environment.

Fives offers different adapted unclogging tools for all your tubes. The tops of these tools were specifically designed according to the type of tubes and deposits. The bore brushes and extractors in our range are both efficient and durable.

Finally, the mechanical and electrical cleaning device Tubenet® is a solution developed by us to maintain your equipment with straight or slightly curved tubes and ensure it runs smoothly. Designed to be simple to operate, this rotating cleaning system will improve the performance of your installation, reduce your energy consumption and save you time.