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Use case

A lever for maintenance

The predictive failure diagnosis and prognosis models that we develop for a system and its sub-assemblies allow for advanced monitoring of the health of production equipment through the analysis of vibrations and other analog signals.


Defense sector

A solution developed in collaboration with Fives' Maintenance and Metal Cuting | Composite teams.


  • Increase the availability of machines.
  • No longer suffer from downtime and plan maintenance according to actual anticipated needs.
  • Validate the deployment plan on other means.

The Solution:

  • Targeted instrumentation, based on a FMEA to increase the observability of critical defects.
  • Real-time access to data and alerts to monitor the condition of the machine.
  • Machine located indicators for operator control.
  • Intelligent vibration diagnostics based on the machine's operating conditions.
  • Early diagnosis and localization of axis faults based on continuous analysis of drive data: Gantry alignment, friction or hard points, reversal error.
  • Predictive model on the most critical subsystems of the machine.


  • After a few months of operation, already 3 major defects anticipated and corrected outside of machine opening times.