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Use case

A support for the machines

Our experts capitalize on the know-how of the Fives group and jointly develop embedded solutions natively in the equipment to perform real-time analysis.


Nuclear sector - orbital welding.


  • Minimize delays due to late detected weld non-conformities. Get it right the first time.
  • To produce the highest quality orbital weld in the industry.

The Solution:

  • Develop a complete vision system through our CortX Alchemy platform to:
    • Digitize paper-based processes and gain traceability.
    • Check weld geometries, as early as possible, with 3D laser measurement in order to prevent high risk defect areas.
    • Synchronize information from several data sources (MES, suppliers, etc.) and automate report generation.
    • Ensure weld quality by tracking weld parameters in real time and alerting the operator during poor conditions.

Benefits :

  • Real-time monitoring of weld quality allowing complete traceability of the process and early identification of non-quality.
  • Make possible advanced treatments to determine the root causes of non-quality and predict defects... on a process that was still manual 12 months ago.


Machine tool manufacturer - After sales service

Objectives :

  • Define the actions to be implemented to revitalize after-sales service.
  • Contribute to the maintenance and development of spare parts sales activity by analyzing data :
    • Identify customers and active machine base.
    • Identify the risks of disengagement of certain consumers of spare parts.
    • Find business development opportunities.

The Solution:

  • Analyze sales history to identify the active installed base, understand the aftermarket, and investigate customer disengagement.
  • Analysis of market size and growing geographic areas.


  • A list of customers likely to be disengaged, as well as short- and medium-term actions were identified and forwarded to marketing teams for targeted sales actions.