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CortX Alchemy

2024 Version

CortX Alchemy 2024, a digital solution dedicated to industrial performance

Fives CortX, expert in industrial data valorization, unveils the version 2024 of its CortX Alchemy application platform. This solution is compatible with the main connectivity standards. It collects machine and process data non-intrusively and at high frequency. Thanks to this unprecedented capability, business applications based on CortX Alchemy enable industrialists to make informed decisions to improve their plant's industrial performance: productivity, maintenance, energy savings and part quality

What makes CortX Alchemy so unique?


The Perfect Union between IT and OT

In early 2023, Fives announced the acquisition of Dizisoft, which joined the Fives CortX teams. 

With a complementary value proposition, combining expertise in Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT), this merger has resulted in a unique and particularly innovative digital solution. It aims to create value from machine data, to meet the expectations of IT decision-makers and operational managers via OT.

Turning data into a performance driver

Whether to increase productivity, optimize maintenance, reduce energy consumption, or guarantee part quality, CortX Alchemy provides contextualized and high added-value information. 

From maintenance operators to production teams, everyone can access relevant data to facilitate informed decision-making.


Intelligent data processing in Edge Computing

CortX Alchemy is a solution based on the principle of Edge Computing. This principle ensures high-performance and frugal acquisition, accurate contextualization, and intelligent local data processing. 

The second pillar of the solution relies on a range of business applications designed to meet specific user needs. This approach, intentionally anchored in the field reality, is at the heart of CortX Alchemy, a unique solution developed by an industrialist for industrialists. 

From an IT point of view, this solution is based on a modular architecture. Whether Edge, On-prem or Cloud, its deployment adapts to IT infrastructure choices and takes full account of cybersecurity issues.

An integrated range of business applications

The ability to exploit and add value to production data is becoming a strategic issue.

In order to make its contribution, the version 2024 of CortX Alchemy natively integrates a range of essential business applications to support manufacturers in their quest for performance.

Depending on your needs, you can activate business applications to, for example: 

  • Measure and objectify performance, with shopfloor data analysis or machine status monitoring
  • Diagnose the condition of your machines, with key variable tracking or fault tracking
  • Plan your maintenance operations with CBM or dry run cycle
  • Identify the root causes of non-quality with time monitoring or traceability
  • Optimize your energy consumption with consumption monitoring
  • Or simply gain a better understanding of how your production tools work with customized dashboards.

An unrivalled machine connectivity

Our Diziscop Gateway is a genuine tool for commissioning and diagnostics, and is natively compatible with the main connectivity standards. The collection of data from machines and processes is carried out non-intrusively and at high-frequency. It therefore requires no change in the PLC programs and allows you to go down to a few milliseconds

In the 2024 version, the list of available drivers has been extended to interface with an ever-increasing number of digital controls, PLCs or robots: Siemens, Fanuc, Allen Bradley, Schneider…

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With CortX Alchemy 2024, the industrial data valorization reaches new heights. 

Dive into this revolution and discover how it will transform your industry!


More information: To find out more about any of these topics, our experts will be pleased to discuss your needs and your digital strategy. They will be able to tell you more about the possibilities offered by CortX Alchemy for making the most of your industrial data.

Demo Alchemy

Demo Alchemy