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Use case

A factor of performance

Conduct real time analysis and capitalize on the Fives group's business know-how to perpetuate our knowledge in data sciences, processes and data analysis.


Production of capital goods for the aluminum industry

Objectives :

  • Measure  machine availability.
  • Automated and consistent collection of OEE data.
  • Facilitate non-performance analysis to identify corrective action plans.

The Solution:

  • Coaching on building dashboards to facilitate adoption.
  • Fully configurable and automated downtime detection.
  • Management of the production schedule by machine or for all resources.
  • Automatic or manual downtime qualification.
  • Performance indicators and non-performance analysis updated effortlessly in real time.


  • Improved data accuracy, elimination of double entries and resulting errors.
  • Decrease operator frustration by implementing an action plan focused on repetitive tasks.
  • Increased machine engagement.