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Our references covered all over the world, involved in steel, glass, aluminum, cement, sugar, logistics etc., We provide electrical and automation solutions of design, manufacture, install, commissioning one-stop for industry project, and have strong ability of system integration, formation of the unique market competition strength.

SEVERSTAL Steel Heating Furnace Project, Russia 

The total number: 3000 points

complicated control system including:

  • Process control
  • Sequence control
  • Security system
  • Profinet redundant network
  • S120 precise positioning control


Shandong Xinfa Aluminum Carbon Project

  Project Features:

• Server/client structure
• Redundant server
• Redundant Ethernet network
• Intelligent Motor Control Center
• Safe chain mechanism
• Efficient sequence control function
• Four-axis drive realizes high-efficiency synchronous high-speed operation
• Fully automatic operation, self-adjusting gap, automatic iron passing
• Safe, stable and efficient fully automated control realizes Fives' most advanced selective crushing concept and leads the development direction of the global carbon industry

Liaoning Zhongwang Anode Baking and Combustion Control Project:

Project Features:
• Based on PC control technology
• Open automation system
• Safety controller
• EtherCAT high-speed industrial Ethernet
• Redundant network
• Data Management System
• Accurate temperature rise curve model
• Ensure Fives’ innovative HELIOSRT matrix injection technology realizes a fully automated roasting system with ultra-low NOx emissions, low energy consumption and no tar


Air Liquide Nitrogen Production Equipment

Project Features:
• Quick response to quotes
• Short lead time
• Product standardization

Wudongde Hydropower Station automated supporting panels

Project Features:
• National key hydropower project
• Simultaneously supplying VOITH and GE for the left and right shore unit manufacturers: automation equipment for 12 units
• The highest level in the country

Coperion and ARKEMA Project

Project Features:

  • Distribute IO
  • High performance PLC   S7-1500
  • Safety PLC  S7-1200F
  • Isochronous real-time communication of profinet
  • Flow chart can get in HMI
  • All the important signal could bypass and check in HMI