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Sustainable grinding

FCB Horomill®

Greener cement production with Fives' advanced grinding technology

The FCB Horomill® is our ground-breaking innovation in sustainable grinding. Its bed-compression grinding solution enables cement producers to vastly improve their grinding plant operation and product quality, while reaching sustainability targets.

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Breakthrough green cement technology for optimum quality and sustainability

Compact and easy to install, the FCB Horomill® offers process specificities that are ideal for modern cement plants.

Thanks to its advanced technology and its use in combination with the FCB TSV™ high efficiency classifier, the mill grinds high-fineness Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) or blended cements without any water injection. The FCB Horomill® plant ensures efficient drying thanks to its integrated gas circuit comprising a drying device (FCB Flash dryer or FCB Aerodecantor). This enables processing of wet raw materials and increases the plant's energy efficiency. The mill produces optimum-quality, high-resistance cement with a lower Blaine, and enables an exceptionally high cement/clinker ratio.

The FCB Horomill® helps cement producers reach sustainability goals through:

  • The lowest energy consumption on the market (30-65% energy savings compared to ball mills, and 10-20% compared to vertical roller mills)
  • Zero process water requirement
  • Reduced CO2 emissions

Advanced design for easy operation and maintenance

The FCB Horomill®'s innovative design streamlines operation and reduces the wear rate. It features a shell driven at supercritical speed and a roller applied on the material bed thanks to hydraulic jacks. Material passes several times between the shell and roller. The unit also contains a compact and reliable integrated drive similar to that of a ball mill, as well as easy-to-maintain wear parts.

The plant is fully automated, from start-up sequences to shut-down and including recipe changes. Fives' experts can assist in optimizing process parameters according to operators' specific requirements, and a remote monitoring system further prevents costly maintenance or shut-downs.

Flexible and high-capacity grinding

Technical advantages of the FCB Horomill® include highly flexible operation and product changes in under 10 minutes without the use of a surge hopper. Its production capacity is not dependent on lining wear, and the low wear rate reduces maintenance needs.

This unit offers a simple layout, low noise level and compact installation. It is suitable for grinding a variety of materials, including:

  • Raw meal
  • OPC and blended cement
  • Granulated blast furnace slag
  • Steel slag
  • Minerals (limestone, dolomite, anhydrite, etc.)