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Oil and Gas

Proven, pioneering combustion products for the O&G industry

With more than 100 years’ experience in industrial combustion, Fives offers the Oil & Gas (O&G) industry our unparalleled knowledge and expertise. From flares to line heaters and sulfur recovery units (SRUs), our complete range of equipment and accessories helps liquefied natural gas plants exceed their environmental and performance objectives.  

Efficient, customizable flare systems

All our ITAS flares ensure safe plant operation, with minimal noise and smokeless performance. Fives designs and supplies flare systems to meet any technical requirement, project specification or local environmental standard: 

  • Dispose of waste gases through smokeless combustion with ITAS elevated flares 

  • Easily disassemble Derrick supported and ITAS demountable flares for efficient movement and installation 

  • Burn off waste gases without radiation effects or visible flames with ITAS enclosed ground flares 

  • Contain radiation and heating effects within a fenced area with ITAS multipoint ground flares 

  • Ensure safe and reliable O&G operations for rigs and deep-sea wells with ITAS offshore flares 

  • Dispose of liquid or mixed liquid and vapor waste with our burn pits 

Once-through steam generators for extraction from depleted oil fields

Once-through steam generators (OTSGs) can power downhole steam injection for easier oil extraction. For years, the oil & gas industry has relied on our efficient, reliable and high-quality North American packaged burners. These nozzle-mixed and sealed-in burners can fire a range of oils, pipeline-quality gas and gas from oil wells.  

Our cutting-edge lean premix technology decreases emissions without sacrificing quality. Maintain temperature and flame control while meeting environmental regulations with: 

Heater treaters for high-quality oil

Fives’ heater treater combustion systems remove water from oil after extraction, improving oil quality. Our burners lower your emissions while preserving product quality. Fives’ range of eco-friendly solutions includes: 

  • Low-NOx North American integral fan burners 

  • North American Fire All™ burners can increase the efficiency of your heater treater 

  • Using air pressure, Adaptive Thermal Profile (ATPTM) low-NOx burners create a heat and shape pattern most suited to the given heater treater design 

  • For low-NOx heater treater performance, the Pilllard NANOxFLAM® Compact Ultra-low NOx burner is the latest and best available technology 

Proprietary firing equipment for sulfur recovery units

For 50 years, Fives has supplied high-performance combustion solutions for sulfur recovery units (SRUs). Our experts leverage computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling to optimize burner design. Thanks to our expertise, Pillard SULFLAM® Claus burner is the leading acid gas burner for SRUs.  

For a high turndown ratio for flame shape control, incineration temperature control and optimized mixing within combustion chambers, we offer the Pillard INLINEFLAM™ inline burner. 

We supply reducing gas generators (RGG) which provide high-intensity compact flames and flame stability, such as the Pillard REGASFLAM™

We also offer a range of tailgas incinerators, including ITAS high-intensity burners, ITAS and North American acid gas burners and the Pillard GRFLAM™. 

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